Get sparkling with teeth naturally with ease

Whiter teeth and bright smile is sure with our Glitterz natural teeth whitening set

PRICE: N29,000

PROMO: N24,000

1. Whitens the teeth perfectly.
2. Removes all kinds of teeth stains, tetracycline stains, coffee/tea stains, chocolate stains etc.
3. Eliminates bad breath/mouth odour/halitosis.
4. Eliminate harmful dental bacteria.
5. Stops toothache perfectly.
6. Prevents teeth cavity/hole.
7. Removes Tartar, Plaques etc
8. Gives All round protection and care.
9. Helps stop and Prevent teeth sensitivity.

A pack consist of;

  • 30g Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder.
  • 120g Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Toothpaste.
  • * 1 Bamboo Toothbrush.

PRICE: N29,000

PROMO: N24,000

It helps to stops, prevent toothache and teeth sensitivity completely.

  • Stops bad breath/halitosis completely without stress.
  • Contains natural ingredients that helps to eliminate bad breath
  • and give you 24hrs of dental freshness.
  1. It removes smoking/Tobacco StainsĀ 
  2. helps to prevent the harmful effects of smoking on the teeth and gum.

Customers Reviews

The Smilez Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener and toothpaste is great. I love the mint taste and the original flavour it maintains, it cleans deep as I brush and removes mouth odour.
Bisola Adekoya
Lagos, Nigeria
Your product is very effective, my teeth gets whiter and whiter everytime I use it. It works more than I expected.
Mark Eze.
Port harcourt, Nigeria.
I can say I have been enjoying your natural product, no more toothache, I even drink cold water now which I couldn't take before. God bless you Smilez
Favour John
Yenagoa, Nigeria.
I really saw the effectiveness of your product, it really cleared my teeth even the tobacco stains disappeared, I really appreciate.
Musa Abubakar
Abuja, Nigeria.